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This white wine from the renowned region of Piedmont is made from a traditionally gown grape that also gives the wine its name ARNEIS. This elegant wine originated from Piedmont in Italy, popularly located in the Langhe hills, making it part of the DOCG wines there. Arneis, meaning “little rascal” in Piemontese dialect is both the name of the wine and the grape it is made from. It is named such because the grape is difficult to cultivate, having a tendency to get over-ripe when harvested later than September. There was a decline in its production in the 20th century due to the ability of the grape to easily oxidize, but with more knowledge about the variety, winemakers have revived its production.

Arneis grape was traditionally cultivated as a form of protection, because of its harsher fragrance, to distract bees and birds away from red grapes which was more common, rather than for drinking. It was also used to soften the harsh tannins of Nebbiolo wines in that region. More recently, Arneis has gotten more popular as a white wine variety, being grown in more regions of the world other than Italy. It is best enjoyed chilled after dinner.

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    One of our favorite white wines in a long while. It is crisp but at the same time with a nice floral bouquet with some reminiscence of licorice and curry. Very interesting wine!

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