Bonfanti Vini

When Bonfanti Sergio purchased a small but strategically placed vineyard in the Valpolicella area this family owned business started the wine production around the year 2000. This company was born to produce wines in small quantities, wines made following traditions and high quality standard without compromises. The project started as self consumption production but with the help and the cooperation of famous local oenologists, their wines reached immediately commercial interest. Today the aim of the company is to reach small niches of high quality wines consumers such as classy restaurants, upscale wine shops and educated wine lovers among the general public.
The family vineyard is located at Quinzano di Verona, near the locality of Vole Maso right in the hearth of Valpolicella. Wine lovers recognise the importance of this area that is capable of producing wines with a unique character.
The grapes are worked at their wine making facility in San Floriano in the province of Verona. Here all steps of productions are followed with the uttermost care by the family members. The final product is stocked locally in their warehouse facility located in Legnago, here the bottles are sold to retail and wholesale purchaser.

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