Fattoria la Pietra

Fattoria La Pietra farm business benefits from many years of experience, and all products are worked according to the rural Abruzzo traditions. Its connection to the land, following nature and seasons guarantees the authenticity and quality of their products. Rustic and genuine flavours are the main values of this farm. Production is still made following the old artisanal way, olives are still hand-picked to preserve the quality of the fruits and then in the oil. Their cereals are milled by an ancient stone wheel and each step of the production is followed carefully. The same care is provided to animals, which are bred directly on the farm and feed on grass, far from intensive farming methods, as everything here is done more according traditional and rural values.
Products from Fattoria La Pietra are highly recommended to those seeking genuine, handmade, traditional Italian products without compromises in quality.

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