What is Sfoodle?

Sfoodles promises to deliver real wholesome hand picked, organic, carefully selected certified foods, ingredients, wines and beers directly to you. We are always at hand if you need to import/export food worldwide.

In today’s world, where most supermarkets are swarmed with artificially flavored, mass-produced fare and beverages finding genuinely healthy products from a reliable source is, often, a challenging task. Sfoodle slow food marketplace  has been created to fulfill the needs of buyers looking for PDO, PGI products and artisans looking to sell organic food items. Whether you run a deli store, a café, or looking for an organic bio-dynamic wine for your as a consumer –Sfoodle marketplace is all about authentic, first-class products that can purchased directly from the producers.

Focusing exclusively on food that has been prepared and processed in sustainable farming environment and in accordance with strict requirements, Sfoodle offers an assortment of cooking ingredients made by specialists farmers and food producers . Organic drinks, artisan cheese,  extravergin olive oils, balsamic vinegar, bread and biscuits, tomato sauces (the list goes on) – these and other PDO and PGI labelled goods are available to be shipped and imported to any part of the world. Targeting international community of wholesalers, food artisans and private buyers – connoisseurs of haute cuisine – Sfoodle operates as a secure and hassle-free buying and an international selling platform with professional help to import and export.


Sfoodle Is Tested quality

Selected products listed on Sfoodle are organic, biodynamic or categorized PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). Supplied in small batches, these foodstuffs are shaped by the local artisans, remaining under close supervision from the initial stage until completed and ready for use. Being an established source of premium quality goods Sfoodle does not list factory-made provisions.
To maintain buyer satisfaction food producers have the option to send us their products for tasting and reviewing: hence, consumers will obtain a better view of what stands behind the name and the label of the listed item. Besides containing item’s ingredients and country of origin, some descriptions include recommendation for the product’s use or suggestions for its optimal combination with other dishes.

Sfoodle for International Wholesale Food buyers.

Finding all the food you need in one place is a significant advantage for busy people who are looking for large quantities of organic and artisanally made food items. Restaurant and department stores’ owners, deli managers, importers and distributors gain direct access to an exclusive catalog of authentic products.  WE have them all sauces, preserves, cheeses, beer and wines produced in small quantities – the online marketplace  should satisfy the needs of most demanding patrons. Ideally designed for wholesale buyers, Sfoodle platform enables you to purchase foods, often inaccessible through traditional importers’ channels due to logistic and maintenance issues. Backed by our ongoing commitment to quality, and valuable findings seemingly, there is no more need to perform time-consuming online researches. For international orders and purchases, our customer service will guide you through the local import procedures whenever necessary.

Sfoodle for Great Food Producers.

Wine producers, bakers, cheese makers and any other artisan food specialists benefit from getting exposure to international audience. To achieve better results with multi-lingual buyers Sfoodle offers translation services posting your listing in Spanish, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Russian or any other language upon request. Appealing to your potential customers in their native tongue should enhance mutual trust and help establish long term buyer-seller relationship. When it comes to the final purchasing stage Sfoodle will collect the order – all required from you is to ship the product to the buyer’s delivery address.

Sfoodle for Private Buyers.

Sfoodle marketplace caters to private buyers as well; wine enthusiasts looking to replenish their collection or gourmets wishing to get inspired by high-class products that cannot be found in ordinary supermarkets –individuals should just as well enjoy a spectrum of hand-picked food items. Ordering and payment procedures are always accomplished through our secure servers protecting the buyers and the seller from potential frauds. Certain goods, available for a single-quantity purchase, can be bought and shipped directly from the website.