“Free From” Business Is Growing

The free from concept is slowly gaining popularity, especially among health experts and celebrities. Coupled with food intolerance experienced by several people, the demand in this market will keep growing. Gluten free, wheat free or dairy free snacks are increasingly becoming popular. According to research conducted by Allergy UK, more than 25 million people are currently suffering from allergy and such related cases, which is a clear indication of the potential in this market.

Gluten-free menu, Stoke Newington, London
Apart from people with food intolerances, this market is also getting attention from health and diet enthusiasts. These people have already embraced free from diets such as paleo, raw and vegan. Celebrities have not been left behind. In fact, they are on the forefront of promoting this trend.

It was initially considered a low niche market. However, the market is booming, with supermarkets introducing a whole line of customized and branded products. Do not shy away from this food business. It is a market with a high growth potential.

Why You Should Start a Free From Food Company

Information obtained from Kantar Worldpanel estimates the free from food market to be worth around £238m in the UK. This same information is corroborated by the Waitrose’s Food & Drink 2014 Report that oversaw a 22% increase in the sale of wheat free and dairy free during the past one year.

Another rising trend is veganism. There are more than 150,000 in the UK who practice a full-vegan diet. These people refrain from consuming any dairy or animal products whether for health or ethical reasons.

Celebrities such as Beyonce, who is one of the greatest influencers in this generation has also launched a vegan food business. This goes to prove just how effective and profitable this free from food business is. She intends to make people shift their focus from the high calorie foods towards the plant based and health diets by getting them to join her 22-day vegan nutrition program.

Going further afield, Shepherds Markets co-founder Kitty Shepherd confirmed an increase in the number of consumers looking for raw and vegan food produce. According to Kitty, the number of traders venturing into this business is increasing, but the demand for these particular foods remain higher than the current supply.

Business Opportunities in This Industry

The highest food intolerances are mainly reported from gluten, dairy and wheat products. Therefore, you can venture into these promising markets. In fact, many big retailers such as Sainsbury and Tesco have launched their own range of gluten free products.

People might argue that the big companies are soon going to dominate the market, leaving less space for upcoming and individual businesses. The truth of the matter is there is still a big space for the start-ups to dominate and establish their brands. For example, Focaccia Per Tutti, who won the FreeFrom Awards manufactures gluten free and vegan products which are then sold to restaurants, local delis and food stores.

Bottom Line

Establishing a successful free from food business calls for producing quality products with a great taste. Getting into this business gives you the chance to work from your kitchen where you can highly refine the product in terms of taste and quality. Other considerations include the health and safety standards, and the capital needed to purchase any required equipment. Ensure your product is stocked in most of the retailers and outlets, and create a strong social media presence to market your brand.

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