Wholesale of Orodoliva Apulia Extra Virign Olive Oil.

The History of a Good Extra Virign Olive Oil Producer.


Orodoliva is a synthesis of many years of hard work and research, excellence of quality: it is obtained from Peranzana, a variety of olives imported by the de Sangro family, descendant of the Duke of Burgundy, and implanted in the countryside of Torremaggiore, the Apulia region in ‘1700.

Why Choose Orodoliva Peranzana olive oil.

The Peranzana olive has belong to my family for hundreds of years. Orodoliva-whose quality is certified by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture-was founded in 65 hectares of olive groves. It has a low acidity rate and elegant aromas. It has a fruity taste with hints of bitter almonds and artichokes, plesantly bitter, with a good intensity and persistence. The label reports the entire production chain, from pruning to milling, with public testing. In this way customers can appreciate the quality and be guaranteed, not by the manufacturer, but by the Ministry of Agriculture. Orodoliva is among the best 500 EVO in the world.




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