Larò Best Calabrian Sausages, and Pecorino Available in the UK.

 Larò  Best Calabrian Products Ready to Ship to the UK and London

Larò is a supplier of fine southern Italian food, initially founded by  Giovanni, Francesco and Davide, they are determined to bring authentic Italian food to the world. They created their own brand that include a selection of the best Calabrian food such as Salsiccia Dolce Calabrese and Pecorino Crotonese cheese along with a selection of preserved dry fruits such as figs in Rhum and honey. The company is available to ship the products to wholesale and importers around the world but the also sell the the public via their website.



Wholesale of Salsiccia Dolce Calabrian Sausage.


This tasty sausage is made using only the best cuts from the pork shoulder along with belly bacon, then seasoned with wild fennel seeds, sweet peeper sauce and a touch of chilli. These sausages are not spicy and they will please any palate. Ideal as an appetiser and why not on pizza? It will not fail to impress your guests at your dinner party and it will make your customer at your deli wanting for more. This is a traditional  product without any preservatives or additives, the producer also use natural casing for a real and genuine artisan product. It is a highly recommend product for top end restaurants and delis. The sausages are available to be shipped to the UK at short notice directly from the producer in Calabria.

Supplier of Pecorino Crotonese.


This high quality pecorino cheese is only produced in the province of Crotone in Calabria Southern Italy using high quality mix of sheep and goat milk. It reached P.D.O. status and it is aged up to 2 years. The cheese supplied by Larò does not fail to keep up with the renowned fame of the Italian pecorino cheese gained around the world. This cheese is ideal as appetiser on its own when it is younger but the aged version can be also grated on pasta or used for cooking. Made in small batches by local farmers according the tradition is a truly authentic artisan product from south of Italy. Larò is keen to hear from wholesale importer of Italian cheeses in the UK, U.S.A. Australia and Japan.

Dried Figs with Honey and Rum Best on Ice cream.

Dried fruits play a great part in Southern Italy and they are widely used in cooking. This product presented by Larò is made by soaking dried figs in a mixture of honey and rum liquor, nothing else is added. They are stunningly delicious on their own but this product would be perfect on gelato. If you run a gelateria you should definitely add this to your flavours. Dried Figs with Honey is an artisan product made in small batches by local manufactures in Calabria, highly recommended.



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