Extra Virgin Olive Oil Meetup with Tasting at FazenzaUK London

EVOO Tasting At Our First Sfoodle Event in London.

Yesterday we had our first event sponsored by Calabretto Olive Oil producer based in Puglia south of Italy. We had some interesting guests such a Korean chef interested in exporting sesame oils to the UK, Tony a computer engineer who helps food companies in London to shift their products who as a lot connections in the industry, Elisa an estate agent who was interested in the products for personal uses who offered potential contacts where we can have more meetups in the future.

The group appreciated the oil they indicated that was one of the best oil they tried in the UK, and they would buy it if it was available in this country. They were not so sure about the packaging as it seemed too bland. As in the UK there are many products and often people purchase them mostly based on the look of the labels. If Calabretto wants to succeed to sell here has to improve the image of the product.

The meetup with tasting was held at the Coffee shop FazendaUK at 13 Leyden Street, London E1 7LE, Annarita along her husband’s famly roast coffee in Italy to serve the best espresso in London.

If you are interested in organizing or participating to a food event such as tasting or a supper club check out our partner Lovejoyfood.com or Emilia Delizia for more info.

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