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Frappato IGT and Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Available in the UK for wholesale.

Sicily is an island famed for its good food, and with good food comes fine wine. We would like to recommend two Sicilian wines that deserve more attention: Cerasuolo di Vittoria and Frappato IGT.

Cerasuolo di Vittoria is a delicious full bodied red and is the only Sicilian wine to be labelled with DOCG status. Made using an equal mix of Frappato and Nero d’Avola grapes, it has a deep red colouring and a rich flavour incorporating black cherries and strawberries, somewhat similar to other full bodied  wines produced in Italy such as Chianti. Regarded as high in quality and made in the south-east of the island, it is a fine wine also thanks to the high quality mix of grapes, and the best examples may benefit from being kept for many years in your cellar. With a pleasant nose and harmonious body it is recommended with red meats, casseroles and pasta dishes such as lasagne. This fine wine is one that certainly deserves a more robust reputation around the world. Well priced at the moment, this is one that will surely become more sought after in the future.


Cerasuolo di Vittoria available in the United Kingdom.



Frappato IGT

Frappato IGT is produced in Sicily and it is another red wine with a fine heritage, sometimes compared to Beaujolais . Frappato is the local Sicilian grape of choice  and as with the wine above it renders this wine with a light red colour that is very much appealing. Strawberry is again the foremost fruit but go deeper and you find a glorious aroma of wild cherries, the latter introducing a slightly acidity to the palate. A lightly flavoured wine that is becoming increasingly popular, it is well priced and would make a fine accompaniment for a meal or is equally suitable as a solo drink as aperitivo, best savoured chilled.


Frappato selected by Sfoodle and available in the UK


Sicilian Wines at Sfoodle.com

Both of these delicious wines remain competitively priced. Easy to drink and with pleasant flavours influenced by local products, and both wines are gaining popularity in the UK as we speak. These would be a fine addition any wine merchant’s portfolio who is looking to add more fine products to their sales. If you are interested please contact us for arranging a tasting, we are available in London at short notice.

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