How to Import Olive Oils in the UK for Business

When choosing to start an olive oil import company in the UK it might be worthwhile, however it will certainly demand a great deal of energy and time. You will have to do a great deal of studies since you would much rather wish rely on quality instead of quantity to guarantee your items get a market. An olive oil import company will certainly take a great deal of time, persistence, cash and most notably need of excellent products.



There are many varieties of olive oils and choosing quality is not easy – source


Here is a brief but thorough guide on olive oils.


You will initially have to choose whether you wish to sell Italian, Greek or Spanish olive oils. There is obviously a distinction in the kinds of olive oils and you have to evaluate which you wish to import and which would be more profitable for your business.

This oil is just about taste, color and arrangement. They also depend on how ripe they were when being harvested, how it was extracted and how it was preserved thereafter. The color of olive oil differs from pale golden yellow to a deep green color.


Various Olive Oil Tastes


Mostly it has a mild taste which is delicate buttery and light. When someone say the olive oil tastes fruity it suggests it generally has a strong olive taste. Some olive oils have a natural scent that is somewhat dryer will certainly be known as hay olive oil. Olive oils with a peppery taste are known as pizzico and the sweet and hearty oil known as rustic olive oil.


Various kinds of Olive Oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil – This is a type of olive oil extracted from the very first press and has a level of free acidity which is no more than 0.8 %. Its color, smell or taste are original and have no defects. Though it can easily overpower some dish flavors, it is still seen as the best olive oil. It can be used raw or it can be used for cooking, also it is one of the best oil for frying as it is a very high smoke point. Extra virgin olive oil is the most expensive of the olive oils and it accounts about 10% of the whole production. The biggest producers are Italy, Greece and Spain. It is a very sought after commodity because of its taste and health benefits.

Pure Olive or olive oil: it is produced from quality olives but it has a higher free acidity than extra virgin oil. Acidity is generated when the olives deteriorate during harvest or handling. It is made by with a refining  process that does not alter the glyceridic structure and it is produced without the use of chemical solvents however it is filtered with charcoal, chemical or physical filters. Often virgin olive oil is added to adjust the taste. It is of a lower quality and taste when compared to its superior brother extra virgin olive oil.

Pomace Oils: Obtained from the the further processing of olive pomace often mixed with olive oil to balance the taste.  It is the lowest quality of all oils listed here, might be obtained with chemical refining and mechanical means.


Italian, Greek or Spanish


Italian olive oil incorporates pepper and hay tastes. Olive oil in Italy is abundant but most of it is from Tuscany and Lucca towns, Also in the region of  Puglia, Calabria, Liguria and around Lake Garda.  Some of the common brands here are Filippo Berio. This Italian oil can be made use of as daily oil; however it has to be a must for Italian Food.

The Spanish olive oil has been seen to taste  somehow smooth and fruity. About 30% of the olive oil in the world comes from Spain. Since Spain has the ideal climate for the production of olive oil. The highest amount of olive oil here is from Jaen and Cordoba provinces.

Greek Olive oil contains a taste of grasses and peppery combination. Greece produces the third highest amount of olive oil in the world. This olive oil is an important incorporation of the Greek food. It is very suitable with salad and feta.

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  1. Rizwan Ahmad November 9, 2015 at 10:11 am #

    hi, i need some information about legal requirements and paperwork to do this import bussiness. Can you help please?

    • sfoodle November 27, 2015 at 2:46 pm #

      We can help you to find supplier of high quality extra virgin olive oil. As far we know within the EU there are no restrictions in importing/exporting olive oils, however if you are talking about the UK you will find some details about labelling and sale of olive oils on this page