Colline Molisane Italian Extra virgin Olive Oil

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Colline Molinase is a 100% Italian EVOO from the region of Molise. Larino, Leccino and Peranzana olives are used for this oil. Hand picking and mechanical methods are employed to ensure high quality and low acidity and the oil is obtained only with mechanical means. It is a fruity extra virgin olive oil and it is ideal for condiments and it can be used raw on salads and Italian sauces alike.

Sold in cartons of 6 bottles of 750 ml each. The suppliers is currently looking for importers in the UK, France, Germany, Usa, Japan and Canada.

1 review for Colline Molisane Italian Extra virgin Olive Oil

  1. sfoodle

    Sfoodle tested this product and we can confirm that it is a high quality extra virgin olive oil, suitable for high end deli and restaurants. Highly recommended.

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