Pernambucco Orange & Calabrian Lemon Jam

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This delicious perfumed jam is made with the finest citrus of this ancient Italian variety, the Pernambucco, which is still cultivated nowadays in Liguria. The special manner in which this jam is prepared, cooking it at no more than 80 c, allows it to keep the true aroma of this special fruit. The texture is seductive and soft, and the scent very intense. Will accompany optimally your bread and butter, cheeses and desserts.

Shipped worldwide from Italy, seasonal products wholesale enquiries only.

1 review for Pernambucco Orange & Calabrian Lemon Jam

  1. sfoodle

    Sfoodle tested this product and we can guarantee that is 100% sfoodalicious . Totally mind blowing orange flavour with pleasant texture. It is ideal to be used patisserie, or for artisan gelato ice cream makers or just for mediation

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