Tesori White and Black Truffle Sauce (Crema di Tartufo)

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This is an amazing white truffle product from Abruzzo, it is made in small batches from a local producer who uses only the best white truffles and porcini mushrooms harvested on the Italian Apennini mountains. A true artisan product with intense aroma, it is ideal for deli shops who are looking to impress their clients. The products does not contain any additives or flavorings.



This is the black truffle cream made from the same producer using summer Italian black truffles from Abruzzo. This product is ideal on grilled bruschettas or to make canapes. It will impress the most demanding clientele of any restaurant around the world.

The producer is looking for wholesale deals in the UK, USA, Australia, China, and Japan.

1 review for Tesori White and Black Truffle Sauce (Crema di Tartufo)

  1. sfoodle

    Sfoodle tested this product and we liked the intensity of the white truffle cream. Highly recommend!!!

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