How to Open Your Italian Deli in London.

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A lot is involved when opening a new Italian Deli store in London. The basics include searching for a potential location for the store, coming up with a business plan, sourcing finances and possible investors to help achieve this dream. Additionally, establishing one’s niche in the market will also play a major part in successful running of a Deli store in London.

Start-Up Activities for the Italian Deli Store

Decide the location

High traffic areas, with most people and cars coming to and fro, are a good place to pitch a grocery store. Additionally, the area should have ample parking space for the shoppers who wish to stop by for a few grocery items. A good location is also where there is less competition for the chosen market niche of your business.

Create a Business Plan

A business model puts the dream and idea into actualization through a well written plan. How big should the store be in square meters? What items should be in your inventory? With a sound business plan, it becomes easy to convince investors to channel funds to the Italian Deli store dream.

Seek Startup Funds

The Italian Deli investors are the first people to seek funds from. However, some investors may want to first watch the potential of the business growing before injecting funds into it. In that case, startup capital can be sourced from bank loans or lending institutions. Initial capital is important to purchase equipment, stock inventories and cater for rent charges.

Legal and Financial Consulting

As an Italian Deli store owner in London, you need sound advice on how to handle legal issues like taxes, insurance for business and workers, payrolls. The Italian grocery store will need a license to operate and pass the required London health regulations. Find out how other stores around London handle such legal and financial matters to get a clear picture of what needs to be done.

Establish a market Niche

Customers will need a good reason why to shop at the new Italian Deli store and ignore other grocery stores. Is the store the only one stocking fresh grocery imported directly from Italy? Does the store offer unique and personal services to customers? Research what customers crave for in local stores and go with that idea. Strive to be an Italian Deli store customers cannot forget.

Create a Unique Inventory

Does the Italian Store offer unique foods that cannot be found anywhere else? This is the most important part of making the store a success. Since the grocery store is a deli unit as well, stock up the inventory with Italian seasonings, spices and olive oils that cannot be found anywhere else. Come up with a unique food menu for the deli as well.

Strive to be Authentic

For an Italian Deli store to succeed in London, it has to offer the full authentic experience of Italian cooking – stocking fresh cans of Italian tomatoes next to the olives, having an endless supply of fresh Italian cheese etc. If possible, offer clients authentic Italian cooking utensils as well to make the store unique!

There is a lot involved when opening an Italian Deli in London, the above tips are a sound guidance to opening and running such a store.

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