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Looking for quality Italian Olive Oil? Contact us at, we are accredited importer and distributor of Siculum organic PDO olive oils from Sicily in United Kindom, United States of America and Australia. We have a number of representatives who can come to your premises and help discover this fine product today.



History of D.O.P Siculum Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cugnata family started producing olive oil back in the fifties after Vito Cugnata successfully managed to establish Villa Ponte farm in Chiaramonte Gulfi countryside in the province of Ragusa. Nowadays, it’s run by Giovanni Cugnata and Silvana and has managed to cultivate 2500 trees of Tonda Iblea olive variety in their 30 hectare piece of land.

The Italian extra virgin olive oil produced in this farm has gained many positive reviews and awards due to its unique ability to add a unique taste to seafood, vegetables, meat and pasta or really any dish. As a reward for their continued production of high quality products, Siculum olive oil has managed to win many national and international awards. Also, it has been mentioned and used in numerous competitions since 2002 up to date.

What Makes It Unique?

Due to its unmatchable aroma, you will never forget a meal prepared or dressed with this world class green golden olive oil. Unlike other oils, it will leave a deep aroma that is balanced with herbs and fruits.

What Is The Secret Behind Good Olive Oil?

To ensure that our product meets international standards, they have put in place measures which help us deliver top notch products to their ever growing clientele. The hand picking process and consecutive pressure within 24 hours enables them to preserve the organoleptic properties of olives during production process. They have gone a step further to invest in modern systems that they use for extraction as well as stainless steel tanks that are AISI 304 certified for storage purposes.

Flavored Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oils

To meet diverse clients’ needs, Villa Ponte has come up with new manufacturing processes which help us produce flavored oils using quality citrus fruits, lemons, oranges and Sicilian mandarins. These new brands will definitely add sweet taste to your Mediterranean salads and marinades.

Finally, to live a healthy and productive lifestyle, you need to formulate a Mediterranean diet that is packed with various vegetables and fruits. The good fats contained in organic olive oils will boost your overall health and protect you from various diabetes, cancers, heart diseases and Alzheimer. You can count on Siculum olive Oil to add value to your diet and health and flavour to your dishes.

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