Importing Parma Ham in U.S.A? Yes Now You Can!

For many years, there was a ban on importing some pork products from Italy. This was due to a fear that in some regions of Italy there was a chance the cured pork products could contain a swine vascular disease. However, recent inspections conducted have shown that main areas of suspicion in Italy were free of any such diseases or problems. The ban was lifted in May of 2013 and that means consumers in the United States can enjoy cured pork products imported from Italy. One of the most popular products that have been banned all of these years is Parma ham. Parma ham can now be imported freely into the United States and enjoyed at dinner tables directly from Italy.

Salami from Bologna

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Consumers will no longer have to worry about where to get their Parma ham. This is because the ban on imports has been lifted and the inspections have shown that the regions were free and clear. In Italy, inspectors checked the regions that were considered potentially contaminated. There were concerns that a swine vascular disease may be found in cured pork products in Northern Italy. The regions checked and cleared were Trento and Bolzano, Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna, and Veneto and Piemonte.
The ability to purchased cured pork products from Italy allow U.S. consumers more choices. The only way to purchase parma ham in the last several decades was whatever imitation product one could find at the store. Many Italian-Americans and lovers of Italian pork were left with less-than-stellar choices and often wondered if they would get the chance to enjoy Italian products like pork, ham, and other cured pork products.
In the past, some American citizen travelling to Italy would “smuggle” salami because of the ban. Smuggled meat was not only dangerous and illegal, and could attract hefty fines. Those willing to do so would take a high risk simply to get the product that they wanted. Prices at stores will be competitive now that the product can be legally purchased locally and consumers don’t have to travel abroad g for their favorite versions of Italian pork.
The chance for trade and profit are prosperous for both Italy and the United States. The Italian regions that were banned now have a large source of income from the United States. They will be able to sell their cured pork products and this opens the door for other types of trade. Both countries will be able to prosper from the lifting of the ban and it will increase jobs, incomes, and prosperity. Those involved in this industry will see higher profits and more customers coming in to purchase parma ham and salami products from their favorite regions.
Importing parma ham to the United States from Italy is no longer a dream. It is indeed a reality now. The inspection process is still rigorous for imported food and will be checked for quality and safety. Any parma ham, salami, and pork products found in grocery stores will have been verified as safe and has passed a quality assurance process.

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One Response to “Importing Parma Ham in U.S.A? Yes Now You Can!”

  1. Thomas Dunlap June 7, 2015 at 10:15 pm #

    That is good news, thanks for posting it. I’m in Italy right now and was just wondering what I can bring back. I did not see anything at the government website about the ban having been generally lifted. Do you have any links to more information on that? I don’t want to bring something back only to be told that I cannot and have it confiscated. I’d like to be able to print out something official to show to customs, if necessary.