Aprutino Pescarese PDO Olive Oil extra virgin from Abruzzo


Aprutino Pescarese is a Protected Designation of Origin olive oil from the Pescara Province in Italy. Due to the great climate and soil condition here we have a great product with outstanding organoleptic characteristics.  This precious and healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil, available in 500 and 750 ml bottles or 5 liters tin can, will bring a new flavor to your everyday meals, with its mildly sweet fruit hint and a gentle aftertaste of artichokes and spices. Its healthy effectiveness is undeniable, being the extra virgin olive oil high in polyphenols content, which helps reducing bad cholesterol.
Fattoria La Pietra will bring on your table the delicious taste of Italian food tradition. The producer is currently looking for importers and distributors worldwide interested in this very high quality olive oil from Abruzzo, Italy. This product will not fail to satisfy the most demanding palate.



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