Artisan Hand Made Tortellini from Bologna


Tortellini are fresh egg pasta having the curious shape of the navel. They are traditionally produced in Emilia Romagna, the region of Italy known for food and gastronomy. These tortellini are filled with meat and are delicious in capon and beef broth, or can be eaten like a normal pasta dish dressed with ragout or cream. The raw materials are accurately selected by the producers to assure the origin not GMO of the ingredients.
This pasta product requires refrigeration and has to be consumed within 72 hours after opening. This product is fresh and has to be used by its best before date.
40 days for 250 gr.
27 days for 400 gr.
40 days for 500 gr.
40 days for 1000 gr.
5 days for fresh unpackaged product.

Made in Bologna by a small producer in small batches to ensure that the customer only gets the best tortellini. The producer is interested in developing wholesale relationships with restaurants and deli.


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