Nettare d’Olea – Molise Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Nettare d’olea is a high quality organic Italian EVOO from the southern region of Molise. Made in Italy and only obtained with mechanical means from Italian olives. It is a delicate extra virgin olive oil that with high content of good oleic acid  it is suitable to enrich raw dishes but also great for cooking. It has a low acidity and persistent grass and wild flower tasting notes. It is a fundamental ingredient in all Italian cooking especially for pasta sauces. It comes from the hills of Molise, a region in the central part of Italy with a long history and dedication to olive cultivation. Highly recommended!

1 review for Nettare d’Olea – Molise Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. sfoodle

    This product has been tested by Sfoodle and we can guarantee that is an excellent organic extra virgin olive oil with a delicate flavour. 5 stars.

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