Pinot Nero Tamagnino Oltrepò Pavese DOC Italian wine



This very affordable Pinot Nero wine  is considered one of the noblest among Italian wines. This wine made at Tenute Ferrari in the province of Pavia is produced from Pinot Nero grapes, is vinified “in white” in the Oltrepo Pavese region and comes with DOC certification. Its color is a mild straw yellow and its flavor is dry and gentle; the bouquet is fruity and fresh. Great to accompany appetizers and fish dishes. To be served at 8°C, as most of the wines made in the Oltrepò Pavese it is a sparkling wine.

The producer Tenute Ferrari is available to ship the product directly to consumer and wine importer/distributors, and they are looking for partnership in the UK, USA, Canada, France and Germany.

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