Calabrese style Eggplants/Aubergines



This is a traditional recipe from southern Italy, from the Calabria region. Specialties from Calabria are usually hot and spicy, and so it is this jar of eggplants, seasoned with chili pepper and garlic, with a hint of mint and basil. Made only by  using  the finest aubergines and best extra virgin olive oil from Tenuta Labonia in Calabria South of Italy. The combination of tradition, climate and richness of soil give birth to this delicious Italian style antipasto, that it is great served at your restaurant, home or sold at upscale delis.

The aubergines are cooked and then preserved with olive oil and vinegar, and are suitable as appetizer and even used as ingredient or in side-dishes.

The min. order is 12 jars of 290 grams shipped worldwide from Calabria Italy. The producer welcomes wholesale inquiries.

Also available in jars of 500 grams and 2.8 kg.



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