Barbera Monferrato Wine


This red wine is produced in Rocca Grimalda, in the province of Alessandria, in the Italian region of Piedmont. The vineyards are exposed south and south-east and the soil is made of calcareous clay.
Manual harvesting is carried out generally during the second half of September; traditional fermentation is made with maceration at controlled temperature for about 16-18 days. The color is ruby red, tending to garnet with aging. The bouquet is persistent, with intense notes of ripe red fruit. The taste is dry, intense, full-bodied, fruity and harmonious, with pleasant spicy tones. Perfectly balanced in its acidity, it accompanies the most important dishes: stuffed pasta, boiled, roast and braised meat, cheese with honey and grape mustard.
Ideal serving temperature is 20°. It is suggested to open the bottle at least 20 minutes before serving to get a light oxygenation.


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