Ambrusena Bonarda DOC Oltrepò Pavese



Bonarda is a traditional Italian wine produced in the Oltrepò  Pavese region within the Pavia province located the north west of Italy. The producers makes 2 varieties. One it is  dry and another one is the “amabile” version which is suitable as dessert wine. Bonarda as most of the wines made in the Oltrepò Pavese is considered “Vivace” or “Frizzante”, the Italian words for sparkling.

This Bonarda  wine produced from Tenuta Ferrari it is certified DOC and is made from these traditional grapes: Rara, Barbera and Croatina grapes which are all grown on their family owned estate. The flavour of this wine is hearty, full  and intense, with fruity hints. The colour is a bright ruby red, slightly tending to cherry shades. Ideal to accompany rich meat based pasta dishes, traditional Italian cured meats, cotechino, stews and roasts. Bonarda is a little known sparkling wine that deserves to be discovered by the international audience. It is made in the Oltrepò  Pavese a border land between Lombardy and Emilia which expresses the traditional characteristic of these soils and climates of a land that dedicates itself to sparkling wines. Best to to be served at 16°C and great to accompany your aperitivo too.

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