DOC Riesling Italico IL ROCCO Oltrepò Pavese



Riesling Italico is a wine produced from grapes of the same name, and it’s vinified in Oltrepo Pavese region, certified as DOC. It’s characterized by a delicate straw yellow hue which tends to a greenish shade. The flavour is dry and slightly almondy, with fresh perfume.
This is a sparkling wine and ideal to accompany appetizers, fish dishes and vegetables dishes. Ideal to be served chilled at 10°C.

Riesling Italico produced in the Pavia province by Tenute Ferrari is available to be shipped to member of the public directly without any intermediaries. The producer is also looking for wholesale partnership in Europe, UK, Germany, France. The wines are available throughout the year and for larger quantities the bottles are shipped on pallets.

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